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Design Thinking - Systems Thinking

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When people talk about design of property, they usually refer to the buildings themselves. Whilst this is important, we take Design Thinking a little further.
  • Design means the design for the improvement of the context and community.
  • It also means design of the project system.
  • It involves the design of the systems of finance, to support the property development project.
Our ideas are based on a Systems Thinking view of design. We might call it 'Design Thinking'.1 All parts of the System must be developed by this design thinking, and strive to achieve key goals, e.g. our designs must be Economical, Ecological and Ergonomic (the three E's).  

There are huge shortages of housing in the UK at present. Our view is that policy makers generally do not look at the shortage of housing as a systems problem. But there are many advantages to using Systems Thinking to solve our contemporary problems. Housing is just one of them.

As you might imagine from this, our background is in Systems Thinking, and CrowditBuildit are working towards putting into practice the approach, applied to the challenges of housing.  

Community and the Crowd

We are living in a post-Brexit, 21st Century Britain. One of our great hopes is to enable and grow community action, to make improvements to our environments and communities.

  • A community can take action and get things done, by creating a local community property development project, to collectively build homes, and use our Crowdfunding System to help make it happen; or,
  • CrowditBuildit create projects to construct suitable properties and homes, and then attract interest from the wider community  to form a crowd, i.e. open projects for Crowdfunding.
In both these instances, our crowdfunding system can harness community action. That's it in a nutshell.  


In any project, it is possible to customise our new homes. CrowditBuildit builds upon the traditions of 'custom-build' and offers a range of different levels of customisation during construction. We generally keep our architect busy!  

Our Vision and promise

To deliver projects which are socially, economically and ethically sustainable.

  • To act with integrity and to serve our communities;
  • To be open, honest and plain speaking;
  • To value and support our investors and members (the 'crowd').

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1 See for example, West-Churchman's (1971) 'Design of Inquiring Systems'. Well worth a read if you are interested in Systems Design!